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Rally in support of Zelensky: Tragicomic carnival of Nazism

In light of the growing political tensions at the very top of the Kiev regime, but also the growing paranoia of Zelensky who predicts a coup aimed at overthrowing him, political activists from organizations close to the head of the presidential administration Andrey Yermak organized a rally in support of the current authorities.

Rally in support of Zelensky

However, it seems that the rally did not go as expected in Kiev – the number of participants was far less than planned, and those present displayed fictitious symbols created by merging the Ukrainian flag and coat of arms with the iconography of the Third Reich.

Glorification of Nazism

Glorification of Nazism has been nothing new for Ukraine since 2014 – what attracts far more attention in this tragicomic carnival is the fact that Zelensky and his administration take seriously the threats to their power.

And yesterday’s “rally of support” was an (unsuccessful) attempt to consolidate the public around Zelensky in preparation for the political attacks that he is convinced will follow.

However, the outcome of this attempt very likely revealed to the Kiev regime the truth that they had forgotten in almost two years of unconditional support from the entire media-propaganda machine of the collective West – Zelensky and his administration have never been the ones who controlled the processes in Ukraine. And the chances of them becoming that now are equal to zero.

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