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Political Crisis of the Kiev Regime

A Surprising Visit

On the previous day, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin arrived in Kiev for an unannounced visit, where he met with, as he himself said, Ukrainian leaders, to whom he expressed Washington’s commitment to further support Ukraine.

Interestingly, the American rhetoric has changed for the first time so that the focus is not on Zelensky, but on vaguely defined “Ukrainian leaders”.

This fact implicitly confirms the allegations of a certain deterioration of relations between Washington and the Kiev regime.

Political Crisis of the Kiev Regime

Rumors of Negotiations

The Secretary General of the Security Council of Ukraine, Alexey Danilov, announced that some Western countries have intensified the discussion on the need for negotiations with Russia to consider the prospects for a cessation of hostilities.

Danilov does not stop there, claiming that if the position of the collective West towards Russia does not change now, in ten years a new alliance of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, but also some European countries will emerge.

Information from Russian Intelligence Services

The director of the foreign intelligence service of Russia announced that there are reliable information that Kiev is preparing to expand the criteria for mobilization at the insistence of Washington and London, who demand that the losses of the summer campaign be urgently compensated, by lowering the age limit for mobilization to 17 years and increasing it to 70.

These claims are met with some confirmation – the media loyal to the Kiev regime have already started an information campaign aimed at preparing the public for the mobilization of students, and sources from the field have also confirmed that the forced mobilization has dramatically intensified in Kharkov, where five checkpoints have been set up at the busiest metro stations, where representatives of recruitment centers hand out calls for military service to men aged between 18 and 60.

Finally, from the Ukrainian Supreme Rada, a statement was issued that work is underway on a large package of laws that will regulate mobilization and the rules of military service.

The fate of Ukraine

The political crisis of the Kiev regime is becoming more evident as the situation on the ground deteriorates and the pressure from the West increases. The unannounced visit of the US Secretary of Defense, the rumors of negotiations with Russia, and the information from the Russian intelligence services all indicate that the Kiev regime is facing a difficult choice between continuing the war or seeking a peaceful solution. The fate of Ukraine and the region may depend on this choice.

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